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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Moganshan Lu, Shanghai

Moganshan Lu, Shanghai

Gucci & Paul Smith footwear

Two very chic gentlemen in Moganshan Lu, sporting Gucci and Paul Smith footwear.

Moganshan Lu sits slightly north of downtown Shanghai and is famous for its many galleries and artists' studios, which visitors can freely walk through. It felt like a massive Artwalk event in Seattle, and much of the artwork on display was very reasonably priced. The feel of the neighborhood itself is both industrial and quaint. I loved it.

The ShanghART H-Space gallery:

ShanghART H-Space, Moganshan Lu

An alleyway behind artists' studios:

Moganshan Lu


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great photos!!! Please post more from your trip. It's interesting to see your eye at work in other countries.

By the way, where are the gentlemen in black from? Obviously they are Asian but are they tourists from another country other than China? I ask because obviously Gucci and Paul Smith are expensive brands and I'm wondering where these fellows are from. If from mainland China that says something about growing wealth on the mainland. If from somewhere else, say, Japan, that also says something about the wealth of that country.

9:17 PM  
Blogger jasmine said...

Hi anon. - I believe they both were actually from Shanghai. The gentleman on the left worked in marketing, I believe, for Gucci.

You're right that those brands are expensive in Shanghai, but I was amazed by the sheer amount and quality of luxury goods in Shanghai. There are so many boutiques that cater to the 'new money' there, and I saw so many brands that I wouldn't have expected to see, including A.P.C., Comme des Garcons, and Marni. It's an incredibly modern place in many ways, and utterly fascinating.

4:08 AM  
Blogger Dana Landon said...

Great eye, I love this shot

12:57 AM  

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